Unleash AI 

To Transform Your Business

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Maximize Your Business Efficiency

double Your Productivity

gain more Free Time

━━ with my AI-Powered Business Automation System ━━

Experience the Breakthrough in

Business Efficiency with AI

Imagine this: 

Your business is running smoother than ever before while you freed up multiple hours a week to work on whatever is important to you. It is up to you how you will use this extra time… To grow your business even more, to spend more time with family, or to commit it to a hobby you always felt you wanted to purse.

Whatever you chose with my system you will have more time than ever to do what’s important to you.

 With this exact system I transformed my own businesses, freeing up almost 20 hours a week and boosting productivity two-fold, without compromising on quality. 

Now, it's your turn.

As a business owner, time is your currency. 

There is always something important to do and working on what’s important while putting up fires sometimes feels impossible. 

Not to mention finding time for your family, hobbies and working on growing your business. 

Life of an entrepreneur is not easy, especially in the world of rapid change.

What if I told you there's a way to

 double your extra time

while growing your business?

I know what you're thinking. 

"This sounds too good to be true." 

But trust me, it's real. 

And I've got something tailor-made for folks like us who want to live life on our terms.

Introducing my 

EXCLUSIVE week long program 

that unravels 

the secrets of AI and automation 

to make your business fly and 

give you your life back.

This is no ordinary training. 

It's a golden ticket to freedom.

🌟 Key Transformations Awaiting You

✅ Revolutionize Workflow 

Implement AI Systems to Automate Your Business Process

Stand Out from the Crowd 

Harness the Power of AI Tools That Many Businesses Are Still Unaware Of

Master Your Time

Break Free from Time-Consuming Tasks and Focus on What Truly Matters

Boost Your Brand Recognition and Customer Acquisition

Experience a Growth Rate You Never Thought Possible

 Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

Raise and Automate Customer Experience so Every New Lead Feels Like a VIP

As a Business Owner, 

you are the captain of your ship. 

The decisions you make and the strategies you implement directly influence your business success. With so many responsibilities, it's challenging to find the time for innovation. 

Whether you're a small business owner providing physical or digital services to your customers, owner or a manager of a mid sized business looking for ways to streamline processes, boost revenues and gain market share or a freelancer working on creative projects, as a designer, programmer, consultant or project manager, the variety of work my system can help with is endless.

Your Complete AI Implementation Guide - Success without the Stress

Introducing my '100% Tailored For You' week-long program that uses AI and automation to shape your business into an efficient, cutting-edge entity.

DAY 1: The Intro

Pickup from the airport in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Meet & Greet: Introduce yourself and learn about other participants. We will discuss your biggest challenges, your BHAGs and Agenda for the week. 

DAY 2: Building Strong Foundations

Business Fundamentals Theory: we will cover the basics that make every businesses successful. We’ll discuss how to align each part of your business to create efficient money making machine – this framework will be later used as a roadmap to a more profitable and automated business.

Business Audit Principals: This is where you learn to look at your business with a critical eye. This session is about understanding how to determine what works and what needs improvement in your business.

DAY 3: The Real-World Audit

Operational Audit Workshop: Roll up your sleeves for a full operational audit prep.

Group Work: We will draw the conclusions together, finding out what's really going on in your business and how to fix it.

Personalized planning: We’ll revisit business fundamentals through the context of the audit to help you define a clear path to achieve your business goals.

DAY 4: Discovering Automation

Automation Framework: Day 4 is all about processes. You’ll learn how to set up procedures that save time and money.

Implementation Workshop: Get hands-on with flowcharts to spot opportunities for automation in your business. It’s about making your life easier and your business more efficient.

DAY 5: AI Discovery

Introduction to AI: We start with an easy-to-understand intro to AI. You’ll learn what AI can do for your business and how to get started. We will also cover many different use cases for this breakthrough technology, it’s possible future applications and upcoming trends.

The challenge: Put theory into practice by exploring real AI applications. You’ll see the potential and limits of AI, learning how to choose the right tools for your needs in our fun and engaging AI challenge

DAY 6: Putting AI and Automation to Work

Part 1

Implementation Work Session 1: Dive into the how-to of automation and AI implementation. We’ll cover everything from planning to measuring success. We will work on integrating automation into your business. This session is about laying the groundwork for day 7 big push.

DAY 7: Putting AI and Automation to Work,

Part 2

Implementation Work Session 2: It's time to bring everything together. You’ll work on further developing and implementing automation solutions specific to your business. This is where you'll see how your new skills can make a real difference in your day-to-day business operations.

DAY 8: New beginning

We will start the day with a shared and enjoyable breakfast, where we will reminisce about memorable training moments. Afterward, we will hop on transportation to the airport or Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, setting the stage for the exciting journey of bringing everything we've learned to your business.

Every day, we commit to at least 6 hours of concentrated training, emphasizing both the process and tangible results. For those interested in a well-rounded experience that extends beyond training sessions, we also organize beach excursions, creating opportunities for relaxation.

Who Can Benefit 

from This Revolutionary Program?

🔵 Business owners looking to automate processes effectively.

🔵 Entrepreneurs wanting to boost revenues & explore new income streams through AI.

🔵 Solopreneurs eager to leverage AI for a competitive advantage & more free time.

🔵 Digital Nomads seeking innovative ways to enhance productivity and income potential.


To assure maximum immersion the training will take place at Finca La Fuente, surrounded by nature and serenity, where perfect learning environment will be provided, including:

Morning Yoga & Mental Sessions: Start each day grounded and centered, enhancing your concentration and retention for the training sessions with my proven morning routine and mental technics crafted for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Straight-from-the-garden Vegan Meals (3x Daily): Fuel your body and mind with the cleanest, high-energy meals, enhancing your learning capacity and overall well-being.

Double Rooms with Comfortable Bed: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our double room. Revel in the luxury of having your own space for undisturbed rest, guaranteeing that you wake up rejuvenated and ready to seize the day.


We will have exclusive access to the entire Finca la Fuente, which boasts spacious and comfortable double rooms, ensuring your utmost comfort.

You'll find a welcoming living room with plenty of space for relaxation and engaging conversations, making it an ideal venue for hosting workshops. Step outside onto the expansive terrace, which offers picturesque views of the surrounding natural beauty, creating the perfect setting for outdoor breaks.

Your Trainer - Piotr Borowiec


Throughout my diverse entrepreneurial journey, I've always been driven by a passion for implementing the right technology, personal development, and creating meaningful connections.

My Business Expertise

I'm not just an educator; I've lived the entrepreneurial life. From the inception of Synthesis, an NFT-powered digital creation hub, to the growth of Eco Rico, a vegan farm-to-table food delivery service, and even to the skyscraper heights with Aurora Industries in Canada – I've been there, done that. Over two decades, I've founded, scaled, and advised multiple businesses across sectors and continents. Right now I operate 2 businesses while creating content and growing my personal brand and international network.

Tech Enthusiast

My fascination with technology goes way back to 2014 when I started my first online business. As a full-time web3 builder since 2020, my interests have further deepened into decentralized technologies and their implementation in personal and professional fields. Since the advent of chatGPT, I've been engrossed in AI's potential and how to make the most out of it, implementing it across my business processes. In just last few months, thanks to my process, I have been able to boost productivity 2 times while saving more than 15 hours a week with implementing automation.

Global Citizen

Born in Poland and educated at the Poznań University of Economics, my entrepreneurial spirit soon took me to Canada. I successfully launched and sold my first business there. Since then, I've traveled and lived around the world, from Canmore through Warsaw & Porto to Gran Canaria, embracing the essence of each place, and becoming a true Earth citizen.

Personal Development Advocate

Personal growth is a journey I've always cherished. Whether it's practicing mental technics that enhance decision making, yoga & workout for maximum performance, engaging in meditative introspection, or writing, I believe in constantly evolving.

Blending new technological advancements with proven business and personal development strategies is my life.

Above all, I have an unwavering belief that every one of us has the potential to achieve our dreams; after all, the knowledge we seek is already out there, waiting to be discovered.

Ready To Transform Your Business?

Limited spots available for this breakthrough week-long program.

To assure maximum immersion and results I only offer 6 spots in total for the training which will be given to the most qualified candidates.

Secure your place today and take the first step towards a more productive and relaxed entrepreneurial journey by filling out my application form


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that's not all. 

Apply right away and you will also get with my program:

✅ Ongoing weekly coaching and accountability sessions for 8 weeks after the training to assure smooth implementation of learned systems (value: $3999)

✅ FREE 12 months Access to my upcoming AI Business Assistant 

(value: $999)

✅ Business & Personal Automation Templates 

(value: $299)

Join us and redefine 

what it means 

to be a business owner 

in today's world

Transform your business with AI and automation and discover a path filled with growth, efficiency, and more free time.